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What Kind of Acupuncture Do I Need?


What Kind of Acupuncture Do I Need?

Myofascial Acupuncture: 

is an anatomically based approach to chronic or deep seated musculoskeletal and myofascial pain.  Conditions treated by this approach include chronic pelvic pain in men and women, chronic or acute neck, shoulder and back pain due to repetitive strain, injuries or a lifetime of poor posture and body habits.  

  • Fine needle trigger point deactivation is form of “dry needling” for which many patients are specifically referred to Dr. Haller by physical therapists and physicians, and forms the core of many myofascial acupuncture treatments.  It is, however, only one of several techniques that Dr. Haller employs in myofascial acupuncture treatment.  It can be used alone, but for greater benefit is often combined with other procedures such as acupuncture, cupping or gua sha.  Very gentle forms of trigger point deactivation are used for sensitive patients.  
  • Treatments are 60 minutes (the new patient visit includes an additional 30 minute evaluation and lasts 90 minutes)
  • Longer treatment available for patients traveling long distances, or requiring extensive treatment. 

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Traditional Medical Acupuncture: 

corresponds more closely to what most people envision when they think of acupuncture, which is TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

  • Conditions treated by this approach include physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances ranging from diabetes, irritable bowel and nausea and vomiting, to anxiety, depression and insomnia, and straightforward painful conditions.   
  • Acupuncture is the basis of the treatment.  Needles, once inserted, are generally left in place while the patient rests.  Electric stimulation of needles, moxabustion, and sometimes cupping or gua sha may be added.
  • Treatments last 30 to 60 minutes (the new patient visit includes an additional 30 minute evaluation and may last up to 90 minutes)

If you are not sure which kind of treatment you may need, Dr Haller is happy to discuss your condition with you before you make an appointment.

  • Dr. Haller is a board certified family physician, and occasionally prescribes oral medication to complement acupuncture treatment, but she does not prescribe opiate pain medication, psychiatric medication or serve as a primary care provider.
  • Dr. Haller may suggest herbal formulas from reliable manufacturers.  If customized herbal treatment is required, she will refer you to a licensed acupuncturist well trained in that approach.

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